"But when the lilac 'neath her window spread its fragrance through the screen, she finally
rose again, wiped her misery clear and reached once more for the pen." glr

Gail is the author of many books and thousands of features, interviews, essays and poems as well as a weekly, 30-year, self-syndicated newspaper column during a professional career that spans over forty years.  She is also a naturalist and wildlife biologist.  She writes on contract and assignment for over fifty national and international magazines.  She now self publishes her books, releasing and controlling them herself along with the guidance of her personal assistant and editor.  Gail has won national and international awards in every field, and taught writing and English on the college level.  Her presence as a speaker was so recognized that she traveled extensively to conduct seminars for universities, colleges, and organizations across the south and Midwest for years until she retired from that.  Her experiences in the writing field became so sought after that she eventually published a book on how to do it, based on her own mistakes and experiences.

Gail is 60 and lives with her farmer husband in the countryside of Williamston, which is the seat of Martin County in northeastern North Carolina.  She grew up on a farm near where she continues to maintain a private cabin and ponds.  It is here that she goes for privacy to do a good part of her nature observations.  Her love and need of the natural world shaped her life since childhood, which she uses as a foundation for her writing.  The planet is extremely important to her, and she draws her inspiration and healing from it.

She established and operated Morningstar Nature Refuge for 20 years. The refuge surrounded her private residence and offered many  opportunities for Gail to share her passion for the earth and educate all who visited. 

Gail’s books are used as a means to fund her environmental causes, though they are written around many themes, but always in the spirit of who and what she is and what she stands for.  Gail believes that the pen is mightier than the sword, and that through the use of it we can make the world better, incite action, heal, create and uplift.  It is her opinion that we need more writers willing to forego making a dollar in lieu of making a difference.  She invites you to grab firmly your spirit and your pen and go to your desk and assist your cause.  Do not die with your muse still in you.  The world is waiting. 

                                                                                                            Fall 2010         

Gail L. Roberson
1967 Meadow Branch Road
Williamston, NC 27892

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